Do anti-Modi posts qualify to be hated?


This article is the answer to a comment posted by one, ‘THE INFORMER’ under my articleనువ్వు ముస్లింవి, ఇల్లు ఖాళీ చెయ్!”. The comment and my answer are reproduced as a main post to get a broad attention. As the commenter wrote in English I too chose to respond in English. If readers want it to be translated into Telugu, I am happy to oblige. –Visekhar.



A 25-year-old woman in Mumbai has alleged that she was asked to vacate a flat because she is a Muslim, reports said on Wednesday.
Misbah Quadri, who claims to be a model moved into a 3-BHK apartment at Sanghvi Heights in Wadala, was told by the broker that the housing society did not accept Muslim tenants a day before she was to shift.The story was first published by communist paper called “The Hindu”

Who is she and what;s her background?
Recently it has been revealed through social media investigators that the Misbah is a typical Hindu hating AAP supporter. Her Social media profiles have anti Modi posts and follows another drama queen called Teesta Setalvad(who is already facing twisting of facts and cheating case)

What’s the real story behind the whole flat mess ?
It has become fad for wannabe journalists or sycophant secularists to make a quick buck/recognition by playing victim and proposing non existing minority persecution..Misbah was asked to leave because she fought with broker and land owner. Many muslim families live in the society without any complaint.

Is modelling her profession?
No and never. She is a journalist who is aspiring to make a big name.She has also written some small articles in magazines.
Beware of media ‪#‎Prestitute‬ propaganda



The Hindu… communist paper? What a joke! You are free to interpret as you wish. BTW, one can not deny a fact only because it is reported by a communist paper. Moreover, not only The Hindu, so many papers reported the same incident. For example: Indian Express, Hindusthan Times, Times of India, NDTV and even The Daily Mail of Britain. If you don’t want to see any facts which you don’t like or which do not fit into your mindset, that is another matter.

Typical ‘Hindu hating’ AAP supporter! I don’t buy such unilateral stamping, but so what? AAP is a political party in India. And India is a country of parliamentary democracy because of which the BJP is now in power even it is lead by a person who chose to see the other side when his people (Muslims, of course!) approached him for help, for protection from a mob on killing spree (Gulbarg Society, Narodapatia.. to mention a few). To remind you, this fact was duly recognized by SIT lead by Raghavan, a heartless bureaucrat who single-mindedly worked hard (and succeeded) to protect the prime accused. Since when supporting a political party became a crime in this democratic country? Where do you live?

Again, this is a democracy. Everybody’s opinion counts. Everybody has a right to support a political party of his/her like, adore a leader of his/her choice. Do you want to write a new constitution that stipulates that every citizen of this country should adore a single leader of ‘your’ choice? You people might have kept your minds ready to be corrupted by mindless, divisive, sycophant utterances of lower rung minded netas like Giriraj Sing (who is warned to mind his tongue by Modi himself). But mind you, There are many many people in this world or in this country who keep their minds open and are ready to welcome even a tiny sized novel good view/thought that come to them. If one wants to perish in a well, so be it! Why should everybody fallow him? Be advised, never expect such absurd things to occur if you want our country flourish.

So, anti-Modi posts may qualify to be hated by narrow-minded, self-serving and an unbecoming of a democratic citizen. But they are qualified to be spoken, written, published and propagated in a democratic country, just as those of pro-Modi posts do. Again I want to ask you, do you want to live in an autocratic, dictatorial country? If that is the case, you may have to hail the dark days of Indira’s emergency rule and those are the days during which Hindutva organizations were also targeted. If you desire those days, you will not be writing the above comment. If you like a democratic society (how notional it may be) in which co-existence of diverse views is the core value, your survival is here to see. At the end of the day, hundreds of anti-Modi posts, thousands of Testa Setalvads will be there to be admired and of course to be hated. Period!

How wonder you can say ‘non-existing minority persecution’?! Does it exist at least in Pakistan? Muslim ruling classes in Pakistan say the same thing, NON-EXISTING MINORITIES’ PERSECUTION! Shall we agree? Both of you people talk the same language, man. The language of persecutors! The language of habituated deniers! The language of ruthless religious fundamentalists! The language of pure anti-democratic oppressors!

By the way, what else we call the hateful attacks on Delhi churches? What do we call Gujarath pogrom? What do you call unhindered killings of Sikhs in Delhi and Punjab? What should we call the countless attacks on minorities that took place on this land of ‘unity in diversity’ since our so called ‘independence’?

If you read properly you must have read that Misbah Khadri is a communication professional which makes her a media professional and hence a journalist. And yes, she aspires to be a model. So what, again? If a journalist aspires to be a model, is it a crime or what? Don’t models aspire to work as journalists? Doesn’t a journalist aspire to be a model? What’s there in it to accuse? Your world is stinking man. Stinking with obscurantism, willful blindness, mindless hatred of middle ages and what not?

Yes, people should be warned of presstitude media. No doubt about it. But what shall we call this type of mindless hatred of other religions and denying facts simply because they do not fit into a particular set of thinking? Should we call it Hinduitude, Muslimitude, Christitude and so on?

If we stick to democratic openness and unbiased discretion maybe this type of one-sided blindness would not recur. May one be helped by thyself!

Those who deny persecution of minorities in India, are free to enlighten themselves with the following study results.

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4 thoughts on “Do anti-Modi posts qualify to be hated?

  1. ఇటువంటి సర్వేలు నమ్మటానికి భారతీయులు చెవిలో పువ్వులు పెట్టుకొని లేరు. ఆ రోజులు అయిపోయాయి. హిందువులు కళ్లుంతెరిచారు. హిందువులు వాటికన్ లో మతప్రచారం చేస్తున్నరా? క్రైస్తవులకు ఈ దేశం లో మత ప్రచారం కొరకు లక్షలకోట్లుకుమ్మరించి చేయవలసిన అవసరమేమిటి?

    హిందువలకు పరమ పవిత్రమైన తిరుమల కొండపైకి ఎక్కి ప్రచారం చేస్తూ, భారత దేశంలో మతస్వేచ్చలేదనే సర్వే ను చూస్తే అదెంత బోగసో అర్థం చేసుకోవచ్చు. శ్రీశైలం, మహా నంది, ఎన్ని పుణ్యక్షtralalO  వీళ్లు మత ప్రచరం చేస్తూ దొరికిపోలేదు. ఇలాగే హిందువుల మీద అభాండాలు వేస్తూ, సెక్యులరిజం ముసుగేసుకొని క్రైస్తవానికి మద్దతు ఇస్తూ, లెఫ్ట్ లిబరల్స్ పని గట్టుకొనహిందువులను మతోన్మాదులుగా చిత్రికరించే ప్రయత్నం చేస్తే భారతీయులు ఈసారి చీదేస్తారు.
    అతిని ఇలాగే కొనసాగిస్తే ప్రజలలో ఉన్న కొద్దో గొప్పో సానుభూతి కూడాకోల్పోపోతారు

  2. హిందువులు కళ్లుతెరిచారు-శ్రీనివస్ గారూ,కళ్ళుతెరిచి ఏం చేశారో తెలియజేస్తారా?

  3. ‪MisbahQuadriExposed‬:
    Thanks for all the social media response. Now Media also publishes the true story.
    Sadly Some people use Religion, Some use Gender, to gain popularity and sympathy. like Misbah used her religion as a tool to gain sympathy and publicity.
    Kudos to power of Social Media…MSM is forced to cover real facts…But not on Front page though.
    No Debates???? Nation Wants Wrong information to be corrected too!!!

    Read More At:


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